At Rift Koders, we craft happy, tech-savvy kids through the magic of coding education. Let the coding fun begin!

We all need support through the most important period of our children: the early years

As a collective, we acknowledge the pivotal need for support during the crucial early years of a child’s development.

Our focus is on introducing young minds to programming using a straightforward language, fostering skill advancement at an early age.

By simplifying the learning process, we aim to provide the necessary foundation for children to confidently navigate the world of programming and enhance their cognitive abilities, ensuring a strong start in their educational journey.

Founder & Head of School

Rift Koders Fam, Assemble!

Hey Rift Koders, your Head of School here, bursting with Rift pride!

Seeing you rock code, tackle challenges, and unleash your inner tech wizards – it’s what makes this whole Rift adventure worthwhile. You’re the heart and soul of this coding kingdom, and your dedication to learning fuels the magic behind every line of code written here.

Remember, Rift Koders isn’t just a school; it’s a family. Your wins are our wins, your light bulb moments are our fireworks, and your confidence-boosting code creations are basically digital trophies we proudly display on our virtual mantlepiece.

So, Rift Koders Fam, let’s keep coding, keep creating, keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible! Together, we’re not just building tech skills; we’re transforming logic into magic, one line of code at a time. Let’s code a future where the extraordinary is just the beginning.


Remember, your journey to coding mastery is our shared journey. As you climb new coding peaks, we celebrate your victories as our own. And as we refine our programs and support, we’re fueled by your growth.

Why Rift Koders?

Code Your Future:Forget dusty textbooks, Rift Koders is your gateway to innovative tech education, shaping the programmers of tomorrow.

Kenyan-Finnish Fusion:We join forces with kodarit Finland, blending Kenyan ingenuity with Finnish coding expertise for mind-blowing programs.

Go Global, Code Local:Collaborate with kodarit Finland students, gain international exposure, and build your coding network beyond borders.

Ready to code your dreams? Choose Rift Koders and join a community of tech pioneers blazing the trail to a bright digital future!



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We value and leverage the strengths of our diverse student body to create a rich and supportive learning environment for everyone


As a responsible teaching school, we prioritize quality education with well-designed curriculum, effective teaching methods, and industry-standard materials for excellence in learning.


We cultivate respect by fostering inclusivity, open communication, fair treatment, and recognition. Our school values diversity and supports continual growth.


We, as a collaborative teaching community, prioritize teamwork, interdisciplinary learning, open communication, technology integration, and student-centered approaches for holistic education.

A journey to endless possibilities where each step is a gateway to new horizons and boundless opportunities await .
Empowering individuals on their journey through a world of limitless possibilities, where every coding skill acquired opens new horizons and unlocks boundless opportunities, fostering an environment of continuous learning and innovation for a future-ready tech workforce.

Experts in giving your children best start

More than just a joyful place

Our school's essence extends beyond joy, embracing profound growth and perpetual learning—a philosophy that elevates education to transformative realms.

our office location

Oginga Odinga Ave,

Section 58, Nakuru City.

Discover our headquarters at Rift Koders, a dynamic space where passion for coding meets modern comfort. Located in Nakuru City.

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