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Rift Koders is an online after-school for K-12 students to learn coding by building apps, games, and websites. We offer 1:1 and Group live online coding classes for kids that include Scratch Programming, Python for kids, Web Development and many other courses for Grade 1-12 students from age 5 years to age 20 years

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What We Offer

General Courses

Coding schools for kids typically offer a range of courses covering fundamental programming concepts and languages. Common courses include:

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Enrolling kids in Rift Koders Coding School offers a dynamic and interactive platform for acquiring essential coding skills. The school provides engaging exercises, a self-paced learning environment, and expert guidance, fostering independence and adaptability. This equips children with coding abilities crucial for future academic and career success in our technology-driven world.

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Coding for Kids is not to overwhelm them with the syntax of programming languages. The main objective is for the children to solve different types of problems using code as a means. By engaging in giving logical instructions to computers, kids are developing problem-solving skills and computational thinking. It will be a waste of precious childhood time if you don’t teach them at least the basics of programming.

Simply speaking, coding is the language of the computer. It is you writing a set of instructions in a standard syntax of a programming language for the computer to interpret and follow those instructions and execute them. Learning to code is an important skill that gives you special advantages over other people who don’t know about code and products.

Online tutoring has gained popularity in the last few years across the globe. Online tutoring has specific advantages of personalized learning, flexibility in timings and deliverance, reduced inefficiencies in dropping and picking children and getting them ready, global access to best teachers in the field, and a far better value-to-spend ratio. Learn more about why choose online tutoring over offline.

To engage kids in coding, teachers must make it exciting by linking it to building things. Coding, when taught without enthusiasm, becomes a set of dull rules. The key is to make it interesting, allowing children to create games, websites, and apps related to their daily lives. At UnicMinds, kids taking web development courses build mock ecommerce sites and food delivery apps, connecting coding concepts with real-world applications like Uber and Zomato. This approach captivates them, fostering a deeper understanding of programming tenets through relatable experiences.

Of course! We at Rift Koders think that coding is an adaptable technique that can be used in any discipline. Our method incorporates coding with a variety of subjects, including geometry, cell structure, progressions, and linear algebra problem solving. This approach turns coding into a universal instrument for problem-solving, promoting abilities like problem-deconstruction, logical reasoning, sequential thinking, and efficient debugging. Learn how coding is applicable to a wide range of subjects outside of STEM, giving kids the confidence to use computational thinking in any topic.


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Coding empowers the younger generation by fostering problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and creativity. It equips kids with the tools to understand and shape the technology-driven future. By learning to code, children gain a foundational skill set crucial for innovation, contributing to a digitally literate and adaptive society.

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