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Give your child a coding head start with our 3-day coding Bootcamp!

Course Details

Course Duration: 3 Days

Class Dates:
– First Intake: In-person (at our Main Lab): [3rd April – 5th April] [9AM – 12Noon]
– Second Intake: In-person (at our Main Lab): [3rd April – 5th April] [2PM – 5PM]

Training Delivery:

Technical mentor support, self-learning through practice & interactive video content

Tuition Fees: Ksh 3,000 per student


Upon completion of the bootcamp, participants will receive a certificate.

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A bootcamp is an intensive and immersive learning program designed to provide participants with focused training in a specific skill or field over a short period of time.

Bootcamps offer a condensed and focused learning experience that allows participants to quickly gain proficiency in a particular area. They are ideal for individuals looking to upskill, switch careers, or gain new knowledge in a short amount of time.

The bootcamp is designed for any learner from the age of 5 and above.

No prior coding experience is required. The bootcamp is suitable for beginners.

Yes, participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the bootcamp.

To enroll your child, simply click the enroll button on the page below or contact us via phone or email to secure their spot.

Bootcamps cater to individuals of all skill levels, including beginners with little to no prior experience in the subject matter.

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